How to use Reading Mode in Microsoft Edge

The advertising displayed on blogs is used both to pay publishers who write and to maintain the servers where it is primarily hosted, so the use of ad blockers is counterproductive for all blogs.

Not all websites show non-intrusive advertising, as some force us to have to click several times in order to reach the article in question. If we want to read an article with ease and without any element of the web distracting us, be it menus, surveys, links, most visited posts, the best thing we can do is activate the reading mode in our browser.

How to use Reading Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has been one of the last to reach the competitive browser market where Chrome is king, followed by Firefox. The new Microsoft browser that came from Windows 10, is having a very difficult time getting a respectable share of the market due to its lack of quality extensions. Although it is true that since the launch of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, these are already available, at the moment they are such a small and limited number that no one remembers what they are.

Microsoft Edge, like the other browsers It also offers us the possibility to read our favorite articles with Reading Mode, a mode that removes all additional content from the article and allows us to focus on what is truly important: the text.

How to activate reading mode in Microsoft Edge

First, we must bear in mind that not all web pages compatible with this mode. To quickly check if the web page we are visiting offers us this option, we only have to go to the end of the address bar and check if an open book is found. If so, we can activate the Reading Mode on that page.

To activate reading mode on a web page, once we have verified that it is compatible only we have to click on the book that indicates that compatibility. Next, we will see how all the elements that are not part of the text disappear to show us only the images and text of the same.

How to disable Reading Mode in Microsoft Edge

To deactivate the Reading Mode in Microsoft Edge we just have to go back over our steps, that is, click again on the open book that tells us that we have activated the reading mode on a specific web page.