How to use Telegram in Windows 10


Telegram is one of the best-known applications on the market. A messaging app, which is the main competitor of WhatsApp in the international market. Users can have it on their smartphone, both Android and iOS without problems. Although there are people who also want to be able to use it on the computer. In this sense, it is possible to have it in Windows 10.

Since Telegram has a version special used on Windows 10 computers. So you will also be able to use the messaging app on your computer, using the same account that you have on your mobile phone. What can certainly be very comfortable for many users?

How to use Telegram in Windows 10

How can you have Telegram on a Windows 10 computer? The reality is that the steps in this regard are really simple. Unlike WhatsApp, which makes use of a version in the browser, in this case, we can download the app itself on the computer, like any other app that we use in the operating system.

So we have to proceed to download the application on the computer. Then, we have to synchronize the account we use on the smartphone with the one we have on the computer and we can already use the app at all times from Windows 10. Very easy to use, as well as really comfortable.

Download Telegram on Windows 10

This version is called Telegram Desktop, therefore intended for use on the computer. In this link.

  • You can access the website that has been created for it. You can have information about this version of the messaging app in it. In addition to being able to proceed with the download of the same in the said link.
  • So if you had any questions, you will be able to know everything on this website, about this version of the well-known app.
  • If you have already decided to use it, then you just have to proceed to download the application. You just have to click on the blue button where it is said that you can download Telegram in Windows.
  • After a couple of seconds, the download of the app will start in Windows 10. In another few seconds, it will be completed. So, we have to run the file that has been downloaded to the computer.

Telegram for Windows 10

So, The process of installing this version of Telegram begins on the computer. When complete, an on-screen application window will open.

The first thing we have to do is proceed to synchronize the account we have in the app or create a new one in case we don’t have one. But most users already use it on their smartphone. Therefore, the phone number must be entered in this window.

When this is done, we will receive a message on the phone where a code is sent to us. This code will have to be entered later in Telegram on the computer.

Thus, when said code is entered, account synchronization occurs. Therefore, we already have conversations on the computer that we have on the phone. So we can chat with our contacts at all times without too much trouble.

In general, we have the main Telegram functions also available in this version for Windows 10. Also, updates are released every few weeks.

So that the operation of the app is improved, in addition to having new functions, which allow much more comfortable use of it for users. So in this sense, it meets very well what users expect.

Its use is really simple. So if you use Telegram frequently, also for work, having access to it on your Windows 10 computer can be a good option. The download and installation process is very simple. So it is worth giving this version of the app a try.