How to use your phone as a webcam in Windows

When making video calls, if we are at our home or workplace, and we have a webcam in our team, we can use our smartphone, but the comfort offered by a keyboard and mouse, we will never find it on our smartphone.

Fortunately, if our smartphone has a camera, we can use it on our computer through an application. We are talking about DroidCam, an application that allows us to turn our Android smartphone into a webcam for our Windows-managed computer.

The first thing we must do is download the application on our mobile device. DroidCam is available in two versions, one free with limited functions and the other paid, version that allows us to activate the flash, activate the autofocus, return and rotate the image. DroidCam, not only allows us to use the camera of our smartphone as a webcam but also, also allows us to use the microphone of it on our computer.

Download DroidCam Wireless Webcam

Download DroidCam Wireless Webcam Pro

Once we have downloaded the Android application, we must download application for Windows. This application includes drivers so that we can use our smartphone’s webcam remotely, via Wi-Fi, without having to connect our smartphone to our computer.

Once installed, we open the application on our Android smartphone and later on our PC. In the Windows application, we must enter the IP data displayed on our smartphone along with the port displayed (this number usually does not vary, so it probably won’t need to be changed).

Once we have correctly entered all the data, click on Start. If the data is correct, the application will display the image from the smartphone camera. Finally, we just have to open the application with which we want to use the camera of our smartphone as a webcam, and in the video source selects Droidcam.