How to view saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10


It is likely that on some occasion, forget the password of a WiFi to which you have connected. Your Windows 10 computer may have automatically connected to this network, but someone else needs the password at that time. If this is the case, we can always look for the password itself on the computer, since it has been stored.

In Windows 10, a kind of registration with the passwords of the WiFi networks to which we have connected on occasion. We can do this with the network that we are connected to at the moment, but also if we want to look for that of a network that we have linked to on some occasions in the past.

How to view saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10

If we want to find the password of the WiFi network to which we are connected at that time, we can do it easily on our Windows 10 computer. The first thing we have to do in this case is to right-click on the icon of the WiFi in the taskbar on the computer. When doing this, we press the option Open network and internet settings.

This leads us to the configuration of the connections. There we are placed in the State section, where we have to find the option called Change adapter options. Then we click on it. It takes us to a Control Panel window, in which we see the adapters that the network card has. We right-click on the adapter that is currently active and enters Status.

Then a new window opens where we have data on the Status of said adapter. Click on the Wireless Properties tab located at the top. Then we have to enter the Security tab and check the Show characters box. This means that at that moment, you can see the password of the WiFi to which we are connected at that time. In this way, we already have this key, in case we have to share it.

Old passwords on record

wifi router

As we have said, in Windows 10, we also have the possibility of accessing old passwords. If on some occasions, we have connected to a WiFi with the computer and we have marked that we want to connect to the said network automatically, its password has been saved in our registry. So we can access it on the computer to have access to that password again.

In this case, the first thing we have to do is open a Command Prompt window as an administrator. To do this, we can use the Windows + X key combination. And then we just have to choose the Command Prompt (Administrator) option. When this window opens on the computer screen, we just have to enter the following command in it:

netsh wlan show profile

and then press Enter. This command will be executed, which will give us access to the passwords.

We will see a list, where we have to look for said WiFi network in question whose password we are interested in recovering in this case. If you want to search for a specific system, we can use another command for this in this case, which is the following:

netsh wlan show profile name = name_of_WiFi key = clear

where we have to put the name of the network in question where we have indicated on the screen. It will give us access to the data of the same then so that we can see this key, and we can copy or save it.

As you can see, two very useful methods in Windows 10, with which to have access at all times to the WiFi passwords that have been saved in Windows 10. Therefore, do not hesitate to use these methods on occasion if you think that they will be of help to you. They are easy to use and fulfill this task at all times.