How to use google maps without an internet connection

On our Windows 10 computer, we have a map application available. So we can use it in the event that we do not want to use Google Maps in our case. Like many applications of this type, it needs an Internet connection to function, but it also gives us the possibility to download these maps.

In this way, we will have access to them at all times, even when we don’t have an internet connection. It can be useful if you are using these maps in Windows 10 for work or study reasons. Thus, you can work and use these maps at all times on the computer.

How to use google maps without an internet connection

First of all, we are going to have to open the map application on the computer. To do this, we look for maps in the Windows 10 search bar, and then we will have access to this application at all times. In a couple of seconds, it will be open on the screen, showing a map of the city we are currently in.

We open the application settings, for which we have to click on the ellipsis icon located at the top right. Then a small context menu will appear, where we choose the Configuration option. Within the configuration, we enter Offline Maps.

Click on the button to choose maps and then the map application in Windows 10 will let us choose those maps that we want to download.

It takes us to a new window, where we have to click on Download maps. Next, we choose the continent from which we want to download maps and start going to the specific regions or areas.

This application lets us download all the maps we want on the computer. In this way, we will have those maps that we need available for when we do not have an Internet connection in Windows 10. If in the future you want to download some additional maps, the steps to follow are the same in any case.