How to Increase Bluetooth Headset Volume in Android

Get the Maximum Audio Volume from Bluetooth Headset in Android

As mobile manufacturing companies are in a fight to make slim mobile and as a result, 3.5mm jacks are gone in some mobiles, Which increase the market for Bluetooth headsets. Some of the Bluetooth headsets come with media volume control buttons but as you connect it to your Android device, it only control the media volume of the device and you never know the full audio capacity of your Bluetooth headset.

So, If you have a pair of Bluetooth headsets with media buttons, we will show how you can get the maximum audio quality from your Bluetooth Device.

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Get the Maximum Audio Volume from Bluetooth Headset

1. To get the maximum volume we need to enable the Developer Options on Android Device. So, let’s start:-

i. Open Phone Settings and Tap on About Phone at the bottom. It will open Phone status.

Enable developer mode
ii. Tap on Seven times on Build number to activate Developer options. This will add {} Developer options in Settings.

2. Tap on {} Developer options and look for Networking section.
3. Under the Networking section, you find Disable absolute volume. Taggle next to it.Maximum Volume of HeadSets4. That’s it. Above step has separated your Android device volume and Bluetooth headset volume. This will give you the option to experience the maximum volume of your Bluetooth headset.

For the better explanation, you can also Watch – 1 Min Tutorial:

I have tested this on my Samsung level headsets and Android device with Nougat (7.0) in which Google merged Android device volume and Headsets volume.