How to Fix Not Getting Notification in Android Until Unlock Screen

wifi disconnects in sleep mode

If you are not getting apps notification in Android device until you unlock the screen, maybe this is due to When your device goes into sleep mode it disables your Wi-Fi which stops data syncs of apps.

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How to Keep Wi-Fi Enabled at All Times.

1. Open Android device settings and Tap on Wi-Fi. It will open Wi-Fi page which shows all the available networks and settings options.

2. Tap on the Gear icon at the top right corner. It will open Configure Wi-Fi settings.

Keep Wi-Fi Always On

3. In Configure Wi-Fi you will find the option “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep“, tap on it and select Always.

Keep Wifi on during sleep

That’s it and you are done here, now onward your device Wi-Fi always on whether your device is sleep or not. Like this article please share and read more QuickTip.