How to Speed up Chorme by Identify and Kill Tabs Eating Up RAM

Speed up Chrome

Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers because it has various feature and extension available at the store to increase its productivity. But as the number of tabs and installed extension increase result in more consumption of your laptop battery, slowing performance and consuming more PC’s RAM.¬†Google Chrome start a new process for each tab, extension, and plugin which need your system RAM. When you take a look in windows task manager, how much memory Chrome is consuming might shock you. But you can not find, those tabs and extension, who are hogging a lot of memory of your system. Let’s see how to remove those tabs.

Increase Speed of Chrome and Kill RAM eater Tabs

1. Open Chrome and click on Three Dots at the top right next to address bar. It will open the menu will allow you to customized and control Google Chrome.

2. Hover More Tools will open a new menu, there select Task Manager. It will of open Task Manager of Google Chrome and showing all the task, tabs open and the extension installed and running. Next to those tasks you can see Memory consumed by them.

or You can also open Task Manager in Chrome using Shortcut key – “Shift+Escape

Task Manager - Google Chrome

3. Now click on Memory tab to find out maximum RAM eater in chrome. Here you can kill those task by selecting the task and hit End process.

It will release the memory used by RAM eater tabs, extensions and make your browsing faster.