Without a doubt, one of the aspects that most concern users of different technological devices today is the privacy they offer since our data is increasingly exposed. Here Microsoft plays a fundamental role if we consider that, being behind the entire Windows operating system, you should pay particular attention to what it collects from users and how it does it.

Now, it seems that some modifications are being made recently in this regard, thanks to which users are beginning to complain. And it is that very soon it seems that to be able to use any computer with Windows operating system from Microsoft they want an account to be linked, not being able to use a local as it had been happening until now.

How to Log In to Windows 10 without a Microsoft Account

As we have been able to know that Microsoft intends to block, at least initially, Windows 10 users who choose not to sign in with a personal, educational or company account. And it is that until now there was the possibility of using a local account instead, with which no information was sent to the firm.

In this case, we would not be talking about the complete disappearance of local accounts, but an important part.

Apparently, it is already being incorporated in some specific cases, and When configuring Windows 10 it is not possible to create a local account, except in the case of not having an Internet connection where it would be added later, although it is true that once everything is configured it is possible to create additional accounts locally on the computer.

In this way, it seems that Microsoft has some interest in that all users are correctly registered, and this has been an important part. Meanwhile, to say that it is also true that it is possible to configure Windows and then configure a new local account, subsequently deleting the first one created, and in this way, everything would be as before.