How to Make a Search Through a Website Without Open Actual Site?


While surfing on internet it happens that your read something on a particular site but not able to recall the exact page of the site, where did you read that. So, if you want to recall it, Google let you do it with a search trick of Google Search Engine.

Daily Google Search Engine crawls every website indexed within it for best search result.

Google also allows you to direct search any text reference term within a website from address bar of browser without going to actual site. So let see how to use this awesome feature of Google Search Engine.

Step 1. Open Google Search Page

Step 2. Type the text you remember followed by site:site url.

For example, we will search “remove access from mobile” in codybaba site. Now the syntax is “remove access of google account

Step 3. Hit Enter and here is your result in your browser.

Search Result

Using this method, you can find anything with in a site without open it from Google Search Engine