How to Create & Manage Profiles in Google Chrome?


For better user experience Google Chrome sync bookmarks, extensions, apps, history and saved passwords across all the devices you are logged in with same Google account which increases RAM consumption. You can solve this and reduce RAM usages in Google Chrome and instantly release RAM  and you can also create and manage multiple Google Chrome Profiles. https://codybaba.comrestart-google-chrome-release-ram/

But if you are using a common device among the friends and family. Then they or you can see each others history, saved passwords and etc. This may be a threat to your privacy.

But thanks to Google, It provides multiple profile support in Chrome, It helps to create separate Chrome user profile so that your information and data is safe and secure with it.

Let’s Create New Chrome User Profile

Step 1. Click on three vertical dots, it will open a drop-down menu.

Step 2. Select Settings. It will open a new tab with all the settings of Chrome.


Click on chrome://settings/ to open settings page directly.

Chrome Settings

Step 3. Look for People header. There you will find Add person button. Here you can manage multiple Chrome profile if you already have.

Step 4. Click on Add person button. It will pop-up Add person window to Choose a picture and name for Chrome profile. Enter as you like.

Add person to Chrome

Step 5. Check the Control and view the website …

Step 6. Click on Add button.

That’s it.