How To Send Message Someone Who Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

Send message to person who blocked you

WhatsApp is now number one messaging app and used by over 700 million users all over the world. It allows you to connect with different people from different places and by accidentally or intentionally someone on your contact list might have blocked you for disturbing or annoying them.

WhatsApp won’t allow you to send a message to the person who has blocked you. So, if you want to send messages to them without there wish, you need to use our smart trick which allows you to send the message to people who blocked you on WhatsApp.

How to Message Your Friend Who blocked You On WhatsApp

Requirement: Officially, WhatsApp won’t allow you but using the third person, You can send a message. So we need a third person which can be your trustable friend or your own another WhatsApp account for better privacy.

1. Create a new group using your own another WhatsApp account or ask your mutual friend to do so.

2. Now ask your friend to add the person to the group who blocked you on WhatsApp or do it by yourself.

3. That’s it using this group you can send and receive messages from the person who blocked you.

4. For more privacy, you can ask your friend to exit from the group which left you and the person in that group for alone to chat.

You can use this group to sort out the things between you and your friend which gives you an opportunity to improve your relationship for better.

Personal opinion: don’t bother the person who blocked you intentionally until it is very urgent or important for you to do so.