How To Minimize Any App To System Tray On Windows 10

In many cases, having good management of the applications that we have open In Windows 10, it is not a simple thing. This is especially frequent when we have many tabs open. Something that can cause chaos and that we can not work in the best way. Fortunately, there are many tools that we can use in this regard. Thanks to them, we will have better management of the tabs in the system.

Below we show you a good option when managing these tabs. Thanks to this application for Windows 10, you can minimize applications directly to the system tray. Something that will allow you better management at all times. Very easy to use.

How To Minimize Any App To System Tray On Windows 10

The application in question is called RBTray, which you can download in this link. In this way, using this application in Windows 10, what we achieve is that applications in this system tray are minimized. For those who do not know what it is or where the tray is, we find it in the taskbar, next to the battery symbol. You will see an up arrow. When clicking, this tray opens.

So, when we send these applications to the system tray, the toolbar is free. What allows us better management of the applications at all times. This is something that has surely happened to you on occasion. Also, if you have a small screen, you can charge it more.

The best thing is that this application is very easy to use. The application is loaded in the background. When you minimize an application in Windows 10, it will send it to that system tray. Although, in this case, if we want to send it to said tray, we must click with the right mouse button.

A simple app with which you can have better use of your applications. It will allow you to carry out good management on the computer, in addition to saving you many productivity problems.