How to Do Google Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones

Google Reverse Image Search on your Mobile Phone

Google has introduced Reverse Image Search on mobile phones. It is the most comprehensive image search which let you search by image and give your similar images and sometimes help you to get the original source of photographs from around the web. You just need to upload an image from your device to Google Images and Google Reverse Image Search do rest of work and give related or similar images in different size instantly.

Most of the times I use Google image search to find the original source of the image or who else is using my images on their websites.

Reverse Image Search on Mobile Device

Unfortunately, Google Image Search feature is not available on mobile devices but we can use a simple trick and get the advantage of Google Image Search.

1. Open Google Image Search or in Google Chrome on your device.

2. Now tap on three vertical dots (Menu) on top right corner and tap on Request Desktop Site.

Google Reverse Image Search

3. Now you will see the image icon before the search icon, Tap on the image icon. It will show you two option for Search by Image

i. Paste Image URL: if you have found an image online and want to find similar images or original image then you can paste the link of that image can find the similar images.

ii.Upload an Image: Here you can choose a file (image) from your device to search similar images from around the web.

Google Reverse Image Search

4. To Search images on Google images, we will choose the second option and upload the image from the device or click a new image and Google Image Search will search images in Google’s image database and show all the related photos.

That’s it now next time you want the original source of the image around the web to give a try to Google Reverse Image Search.