How to Activate Private Mode By Default In Google Chrome


Sometimes we need to visit some website where we don’t want leave any traces of browsing. So if you want to keep your browsing safe and secret then this post is for.

In this article, you will learn how you can launch your browser in private mode by default. Although your presence  can only be removed from your system but still you can be tracked from your network or hacking and spying tool.

How to Activate Private Mode By Default In Google Chrome

The easiest way is you can open Incognito mode in Google Chrome and browser safely and anonymous. But you have to open every time Chrome and then by using Customize and Control Google Chrome you need to open  Incognito mode or use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N to open Incognito window.

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To activate private mode by default in Chrome, we will modify one Chrome Desktop Shortcut by adding command and which let you open incognito directly.

1. Create a new profile, for this read Create & Manage Profiles in Google Chrome and make a desktop shortcut for that profile.

2. Now Right-click on Chrome Shortcut and select “Properties“.

3. Click on Shortcut in Google Chrome Properties.4. Now in the Target address add -incognito at the end of the Target address and click OK.

Original Target Address: “…chrome.exe”

Modified Target Address: “…chrome.exe” -incognito

This will modify the private Chrome profile shortcut and whenever you open this Chrome profile it will incognito Chrome window.