How to Organize Tasks in Google Keep using Labels?

Be Organized with Google Keep

Google Keep allow you attach Labels and change a color of Notes. So, you can organize, search and identify them easily from others Notes.

How to add Label to a task in desktop?

Step 1. Open your Google Keep in a desktop browser.

Step 2. Hover on the note you want to add Label. A menu bar will appear at the bottom of the note.
Google Keep Menu

Step 3. Click on three vertical dots. It will show you more option.

Step 4. Now click on Add label. It will popup Label note.
Add Labels

Step 5. In Label note pop, Enter label name if it is not already there or if it is there you can click on the checkbox to add that label to your note or list. for example “Blog” and click + Create.

Step 6. Hit Done.

How to add Label to a task in iPhone

Step 1. Open Google Note app on iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on note in which you want to add a label.

Step 3. Now tap on three horizontal dots at right bottom corner. It will show all the function you can perform on that particular note.

Step 4. Tap on Labels. It will show you a new window, Here you can Enter new label name or select existing label.
Google Keep add labels

Step 5. Let’s enter Blog as a new label name. Below this, you will see + Create “Blog”. Tap on it. that’s it new label is created and attached to your note.
Google Keep add labels

How to Change or Edit label in Keep in iPhone?

If by mistake you entered wrong label name and now want to change or remove it follow the below steps.

Step 1. Click on Three Horizontal lines at top left side corner. It will open the sidebar.

Step 2. Now click on Edit next to Labels.
Google Keep Edit LabelsStep 3. If you want to add new label tap on Create new label or if you want to remove or edit any label click on the pencil icon next to that label.

Step 4. Change the name of that label and make necessary changes you want to make in that label and tap on Done.

That’s it You have just updated the existing label on Google Keep.