How to prevent applications in Windows 10 from accessing the microphone

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of most users. Windows 10 is a version that has introduced many functions so that users can manage it in the best way. Therefore, it is something that we must always configure to our liking, depending on what we consider appropriate. This is something that we can easily do on the computer.

Windows 10 allows us to limit the access of applications to functions on the computer. So we can prevent them from using the camera or the microphone, in case we are concerned that our personal data may be obtained in this way. This is something that we can configure ourselves.

How to prevent applications in Windows 10 from accessing the microphone

So if we want to prevent apps in Windows 10 from accessing the microphone, We can manage it ourselves at all times. The operating system will give us the possibility to choose which applications we want to have no access to. We can do it using the computer settings.

Therefore we use the Win + I key combination to open the configuration. When it has opened, we access the privacy section, which is located at the bottom. In this section, we will be able to manage everything related to privacy on our computer in a simple way.

You will see that on the left side, there is a column with various sections. One of the available options is the Microphone option, on which we must press. So, we will see on the screen and complete a list of applications that we have in Windows 10. It is a matter of activating or deactivating access to the microphone in each of them.

So we establish what the applications that we want to have such access to the microphone on our Windows 10 computer are. It is a very easy and comfortable way to manage this ourselves. Whenever we want, we can modify it, or if we install a new application, give it access or not.