How to Read WhatsApp Messages “Deleted for Everyone”

Read WhatsApp Messages Delete for Everyone

This Message was deleted РThis sentence on WhatsApp is showing nowadays because WhatsApp has added a new feature which allows people to unsent the message. This also increases the excitement or curiosity that what was the message??

So, if you are one of them whom this sentence make curious than here we will share a third-party app called Notif Log notification history. It let you see the deleted WhatsApp messages by accessing Android notification system where every notification get logged.

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Get Back WhatsApp Messages “Deleted For Everyone”

1. Install Notif Log Notification History

2. Give Android Notification access permissions to Notif Log App. This will allow Notif Log app to parse and read all incoming messages.Grant Permission to Notif Log3. Tap on Three vertical dots or menu and tap on Exclude Apps and set Notif Log app for WhatsApp and exclude all other apps by the tapping on the checkbox next to WhatsApp because this app will store all the notifications your Android receive including screenshots captured.Notif Log Exclude Apps4.Now you only need to wait and as you get “This Message was deleted” in WhatsApp, you can go to Notif Log app to see what was the message and satisfy your curiosity.Notification Log for WhatsApp Delete for everyone

In Google play store many other apps are available like Notif Log for example Notification History Log. It works similar to Notif Log app and you also need to grant the notification access permission.

Now you have a simple and great way to see the deleted WhatsApp messages. Try it and have any query put in the comment box.