How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages Without Any Backup?

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages Without Any Backup

WhatsApp is the world for message lover who loves to be connected with family and friends. one of the best features of WhatsApp is Videos & Picture Status. If you want your friend’s video or picture status. You can download and use your friend’s video or picture status. But sometimes accidentally we delete some WhatsApp chat and you don’t have a backup of that chat. Now you are in a fix how to get back those Chat messages.

Before it. Let’s understand the basic concept of storing data in memory. When we save any file of any format in mobile. These files are stored on phone or SD card memory. But when we delete that file, it releases that memory location and available for storing new files.

Now here is the solution, when you accidentally deleted you WhatsApp chat. They are not completely erased from the memory location. They will be there until system saves any other file at that location.

So the main thing you need to remember is this.

  1. Don’t use your mobile at any cost and prevent the system to save any other new file in at that location by any means.
  2. If you are online turn off you Wi-Fi or mobile data stop the system from creating any file at that storage location.

Now follow the following steps to recover your WhatsApp chat.

Step 1. Install Android Data Recovery or Gihosoft Data Recovery tools on your computer.

Step 2. Turn on the USB Debugging mode in your Android mobile for settings.

Step 3. Connect your Android mobile to your desktop or laptop using USB cable and run Android Data Recovery. The said software will automatically detect your mobile and ask you to allow USB debugging in your mobile. This will establish a connection.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat messages without any backups

Step 4. When your device is ready for Scan. This software supports multiple file recovery option so you need to select file type WhatsApp messages & attachments for WhatsApp chat. This will limit the search and save your time. Now hit Next button.

Step 5. The result page of the scan will show grouped files of different types. Here you can select WhatsApp data. This will recover chat, pictures, videos & documents to your computer.

This software also supports to recover your deleted contact, audio, video & messages. For more Tricks & Tips stay tuned.