One of the aspects that Windows users like most are the possibility of controlling the computer and speeding up certain tasks thanks to the use of certain commands and keyboard shortcuts since with just pressing two or three keys on the keyboard from the computer, you can save a few clicks with the mouse.

In this aspect, one of the most comfortable that is available in current Windows 10, is one that allows show at a glance all the windows that are open on the computer, among all virtual desktops. In this way, if you have opened a multitude of programs and want a specific one to be displayed, you will be able to locate it practically instantly.

ALT + TAB: show all open windows in Windows 10

As we mentioned, only if you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, there is a keyboard shortcut that can be very useful in the event that, for example, work with a multitude of programs at the same time, Since you will be able to show everything you have open.

Said shortcut in question is the ALT + TAB key combination that you will be able to find easily on your keyboard, and when you press them you will see how only the wallpaper is kept on your desktop, while in the center they should show absolutely all the windows you have active on your computer regardless of the virtual desktop they are on.

From that same menu, you can close those that no longer interest you or that you are not using, managing to save some resources on your computer, and in the same way you can also access them, causing them to appear in the foreground.

To do this, you only have to click on the one you want to access or use the keyboard arrows to move to it and press the enter key to access.