How to see the specifications of your Windows 10 PC and its status in real time

Surely on more than one occasion, you have wondered what are the full specifications of your Windows 10 computer? There are times when we don’t know how much RAM is installed, or what is the processor or GPU of the computer. They are common doubts for many users in the operating system. In it, we have ways to access this information.

In addition, another question that surely many have or would like to consult is what is the status of them in real-time. For these two problems, Windows 10 has a good solution as we can have access to this information at any time. It is not a complicated thing. We show you how below.

We find a series of functions available in the operating system. Thanks to them we can have access to information about computer specifications. So we can have data on the components that our Windows 10 computer uses. From the processor, RAM or graphics, among others. Details that we want to know at all times.

On the other hand, we can also see their status in real-time. It is always good to know if the state is optimal, such as that of the battery, for example, a sensitive component that may have problems over time. In this way, we can find out if there is a problem with the computer, or simply check that everything is fine. This is possible with a function or tool that is in the operating system itself.

See the basic specifications of Windows 10

In this case, it is about using DirectX, which is going to show us this data in real-time on this Windows 10 computer. For this, the only thing we are going to have to do is run a couple of commands on the computer, so that we will have access to this data. So it is something simple to be able to see in real-time the state of these specifications of our computer. What do we have to do to access such data?

We are going to use a run window, for which we use the key combination Win + R, and one of these windows will open on the screen. In this window, we have to enter the command in question, which is Dxdiag. It is a command that will allow us to see the most important basic specifications of our Windows 10 computer. Therefore, we introduce this text, and we give it to execute so that this tool appears on screen after a few seconds.

You can see that it is a window in which we have data about the computer. At the top, we have several tabs, in which to see other data of our team, so that we have access to all kinds of information in this regard, without too many problems, therefore. This is a simple option.

See detailed specifications

Windows 10 also gives us a somewhat more complete tool, although for some users, a little more complicated. Thanks to it we can see the full specifications of the computer, in much more detail. It will show us the most complete list with all the details that we want or need to know about our computer. So for many, it is a much more complete option.

We use a run window again, with the key combination Win + R. Next, we enter the command msinfo32, and we give it to run. After a few seconds, a window opens on the screen where we have a complete list with the specifications of our Windows 10 computer. We can see all kinds of details in this regard to the computer.

So it is easy to see data about it, to have this information at all times. The command is easy, it doesn’t take long, and we thus have very detailed data on the computer. Ideal if we were looking for a specific piece of information on a computer component. Surely this method is also helpful in your case.