How to Send Group Email in Gmail


If you are working in a company or a promoter of a product and your job is to send mail daily to same group people. This is really a time-consuming work to send a single mail to all by typing their email id in To, CC or BCC. if you don’t know how to send a single mail to all contact at once.

Let’s make it easy for you.

Step 1. Sing in your Google Account and Open your Gmail from a computer browser.

 Send Group Email in Gmail

Step 2. Click on Gmail it will open Contacts. There you will find New Group option.

Step 3. click on New Group options and add a name to your group. Let’s Mailing List is the name of your group.

Step 4. Your new mailing group with name mailing list now appeared under My contacts. Click on the mailing list.
It is now blank because we have not added anyone to this group. Let’s adds some people to our Mailing List.

Step 5. Click on    and start typing name of your clients one by one and hit Add button.

Now You have two contacts in your Mailing List. Let’s send mail to them.

 Send Group Email in Gmail
Step 6. Open COMPOSE mail and in To, start typing Mailing List. Your Mailing list appears in suggestion. Now select it.

That’s it. Now you don’t need to type same email-ids every time you compose. Just add them in your mailing group at once and you are done.

Limitations: Google has restricted mail sending limits when you send group emails. Here is the limitation by Gmail.

  1. You can send maximum 500 emails daily from a computer browser.
  2. The number of mail you can send per day is 100 from a desktop client.
  3. The size of mail should be 10 MB per message.

Bonus Tips:

  1. If you also want to inform your boss that you have sent that mail, add their email id in Blind Carbon Copy (BCC). This feature allows you to hide bosses name from all another recipient of your mail. or
  2. If you want to hide each recipient name from all other recipients of your mail add your mailing group in BCC. Now no one knows that you have sent same mail to other also.