How to Set Reminder in Google Keep Notes or Lists in Desktop?

How to Set Reminder in Google Keep Notes or Lists in Desktop

The most awesome feature of Google Keep allows you to set a location based reminder to pickup, location based items from your lists. You can also set a timer to time-based task to finish.

Reminder set in Google Keep appears on your Android device in Google Now and in Google Inbox. If the task is completed and you mark it done on any device. The reminder will be dismissed from everywhere.

Let’s set Reminder time, date and location in desktop.

Step 1. Open Google Keep Google Keep in a desktop browser.

Step 2. Hover on a note you want to set a reminder. It will show you a menu at the bottom of that note.


Step 3. Click on reminder reminder it will open another pop up. Here you will see Pick date & time and Pick Place.

Google Keep reminder

Step 4. Now click on Pick date & time. It will open date, time & repeat option. Select as per you requirement.

Google Keep reminder

Step 5. Hit Save to set date & time to your reminder.

Step 6. Now click on Pick place. It will pop up Know your location Notification. ask you for permission allow or block.

know your location

Step 7. Click on Allow.

Step 8. Now type your location in Choose a location and you will see suggestion for your locaiton. Select from them.

Step 9 Hit Save to add location to your note.

That’s it.