How to Set up Reminders for Your Google Keep Notes – iPhone & iPad

How to Set Reminder in Google Keep Notes in iPhone

Google Keep has a wonderful feature i.e reminder. which allow you to add date, time and place for your note or task you need to perform.

Let’s see how add Reminder in iPhone.

Step 1. In your iPhone, Open Google Keep Google Keep

Step 2. Now select the note or list in which you want to add reminder.

Google keep

Step 3. tap on reminder reminder button.

Google keep reminder

Step 4. Add reminder window will pop up. Now tap on Google keep time and date “Pick date & time

Google keep time and date

Step 5. Here you can select the date, time and repeat option for your task and note.

Step 6. Now Tap on Google keep locationPlace. It will ask for permission to on location service to Enable location reminders.

iPhone enable location service

Step 7. Now go to Settings, tap to Privacy. There you will find Location Services tap on it

iPhone enable Privacy
iPhone enable location services
Step 8. Now Slide right to round button to on Location service.
iPhone enable location services
iPhone enable location services

Step 9. Type your location and suggestion will appear. Now you can select your location from suggestions by tapping.

Google Keep location

Step 9. Now tap on Done button.

Step 10. That’s tap on Right Mark Google Keep finish at top right corner to finish.

Google Keep finish

Congratulation. You have set reminder for your note or task in Google Keep app in your iPhone.