How to Shut Down your PC with a Shortcut Key in Windows 10

Windows 3.x introduced a graphical interface with MS-DOS 6.0, a graphical interface that was not necessary to be able to use this operating system, but it was the first stone of what we know until now as Windows. However, today, when starting our equipment, the old MS-DOS is still used.

MS-DOS allowed us to perform the same functions that we can currently do in Windows based on commands, be it to create directories, rename, move or delete files … These commands continue to work through PowerShell, as it is currently called Windows non-graphical interface.

How to Shut Down your PC with a Shortcut Key in Windows 10

Through PowerShell, we can continue using the same commands as in the past, in addition to new ones that have been arriving in the different updates that Windows has received. Today we talk about one of them and that allows us to shut down the computer.

This command, we can execute it through a keyboard shortcut and when executed it will take care of turning off our equipment without having to interact three times with the start button until we find the Shutdown option. This trick is compatible with both Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10. Also compatible with Windows XP

To create a shortcut on our team, a shortcut that we can place in the taskbar, we just have to perform the following steps:

  • Place the mouse on the desktop and right-click.
  • Then we select New> Shortcut and write shutdown -s
  • Next, click on Next and write the name that we want the direct access that will turn off our equipment to have.

Once we have created the shortcut that turns off our equipment directly, what we should do is change the icon showing the shortcut, the default by the system, by one that allows us quickly recognize it, without having to go looking for the name of the same to be able to use it.