How to Stop Google From Serving Interest Based Personalised Ads?

Stop Google From Serving Interest Based Persolized Ads files

A website provides us free information, knowledge and many for services. Then how this website developers are earning money? The answer is by Ads. for example Google Ads.

Ads are one of the ways by which website developer get paid for providing information. Some website earning a huge money some are less. Its all depend on their content quality and presentation but one more thing which affects the earn is Personalised Ads.

While browsing you may have noticed that some websites are showing Ads related to your earlier search. This is called Personalised Ads, Which increase earning of website developers because there is more chance to get clicked on these Ads.

Now the question is how they identify your interest or earlier search history. For example, Google Ads use your search and browser history to show you more personalized Ads. In this situation, you might want to stop these personalized Ads.

Let’s see how to opt out personalized ads setting in Google.

Step 1. Open your browser and log in your Google account. Now click on the round circle which has the first letter of your name i.e your Google Account. It will popup Account Information. If your device is stolen, you can also remove access to your Google Account from your device from here.

Step 2. In Account information popup click on My Account button Click on it.
or Click on

Step 3. Now look for Personal info & Privacy Header. Below this, at number three you will find Ads Settings. Click it.

Personal info & Privacy

Step 4.  Ads Settings will open a new page. There you will find Manage Ads Settings.

Ads Settings

Step 5. Click On Manage Ads Settings and this will redirect you to Ads Personalisation.

Ads Personalisation.

or Skip step 3 & 4 and click on

Step 5. Now click On button. This will ask you for Turn off Ads Personalization?

Turn off Ads Personalization?

Step 6. Click on Turn OFF and you are done here.

Here you can control your information like search and browser history. It is provided to Google by the browser for showing your more relative and personalized Ads as per your history.