How to Force Synchronize the Clock in Windows 10

It is possible that on some occasions, such as the time change or after making some modifications in Windows 1st, that the clock time is unconfigured. In many cases, simply restart your computer or change the time. But there are times when this doesn’t work or doesn’t allow you to change it. Luckily, there is a way to force your timing.

In this way, Windows 10 clock will normally work again and display the time correctly. It is a relatively simple solution, and it is very effective in this type of solution. So if you have tried several options and they have not worked, maybe this will help you.

How to Force Synchronize the Clock in Windows 10

We have to open the Windows 10 settings first. Then you must enter the Date and time section of those that appear on the screen. This is the section in which we can carry out all the necessary settings for the clock that we have in the taskbar.

When you enter, you will see that on the screen, just below the time shown in the center, there is a button next to the text Set the time automatically. What you have to do is disable the said button and then enable it again. In case it was already deactivated, you simply have to activate it.

By doing this, what we are doing is that Windows 10 have to recheck the time. Most likely, the problem will be solved after using this simple trick. So the watch will show the correct time on the screen again. It can be that simple.

In the same section, a little lower on the screen, it is also good to check that we have activated the button Change the time automatically according to the summertime.

Because in some cases, there are Windows 10 users who do not have it, causing such delay or advancement in the clock. When activating this function, it will always change automatically when appropriate.