How to Take ScreenShot of Your Windows Screen?

Take Screen Shot of Your Windows Screen

There are tons of way to take a screenshot of your windows screen but with Windows 10 Creators update, Microsoft has introduced a feature to take a screenshot of the whole or a part of windows screen without any additional software.

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Earlier to this update, most of us are using Print Screen (PrtScr) button on the keyboard to capture the whole screen and then paste it to paint and edit it as per requirement.

Now with this update, we can capture any part or whole screen at once. Hence, we don’t need to edit after taking the screenshot of the whole screen if we need any section of it.

Take Screenshot of a part of whole windows screen

Step 1. Press “Win” Key with “Shift” and “S” (Win+Shift+S) the Hotkey.

This will cover the whole screen with overlay and your mouse point will become a plus symbol and it tells that you are ready to take a capture of the screen.

Take Screen Shot of Your Windows Screen

Step 2. Now Select the part or section of the screen. This will copy that selected portion to your clipboard.

Step 3. Now open the paint or any image editor and paste (Ctrl+V) the image we just selected using Hotkey.

That’s it now you can work on that image as per your requirement.

It actually initiates Snipping Tool of Windows.  You can also use it manually.

Let’s see How to use Snipping Tool Manually

Step 1. Press Windows key on the keyboard.

Step 2.  Type Snipping Tool and hit Enter

Take Screen Shot of Your Windows Screen
Step 3. Now Select Mode from the menu to choose snip type i.e. Free-Form, Rectangular, Windows, and Full-Screen.

  • Free-Form – To random selection
  • Rectangular – To rectangular selection
  • Windows – To select particular window
  • Full-Screen – To select the whole screen.

What’s happening under the hood?
When you press Winkey+ Shift +S.  It starts Snipping Tools which is initiated using command line switch in a non-interactive mode.