How to Track Someone Live Location Using Mobile Number

How to Track Someone Live Location Using Mobile Number

Privacy is the biggest concern of everyone in today’s era. Especially when we are talking about the live location; which can be useful for someone sometime but sometimes it is very dangerous for someone.

If you want to know how you can track someone using their mobile number then you are at right place. In today’s article, I will explain how you can track the live location of anyone using their mobile number.

First of all, you need to know that websites like or only tell the telecom operator name, State of mobile number purchased. But they don’t tell the exact or live location of the mobile number.

Here I will show you we can use a combination of technology to track down someone live location. Let me explain how this kind of tracking works.

Basically, every mobile device has an IP address if it is connected to the internet and everyone uses the internet these days. So it is very easy to track someone live location.  we are going to use an image or a short URL embedded with a tracking code and we will send it to victim whom we want to track. Here we are going to use IP tracking website

Disclamation & Warning: This tutorial is only for educational purpose.  If you use this in any wrong way then this blog and author is not responsible for any action taken against you. Tacking someone without permission is illegal.

How to Track Someone Live Location Using Mobile Number

  1. Go to Google and search a beautiful image which we will use to track victim and copy the URL of the image.
  2. Go to and paste this image URL in URL Shorter. IP logger embedded the tracking code in the image which will give us the IP address of the victim.
  3. Now click on the Get IPLogger code. IPLogger will give you a short image URL and also give you the option to create Google short URL.
    Information about iplogger image short url
  4. Copy the short image URL or Google short URL; you have created in step 3.
  5. Now send this URL to the victim on WhatsApp or Facebook or in a text message. If the victim clicked the trackable image URL then IPLogger will get all the details of victim like Device IP address,  ISP name with date & time, Device Name Browser and location of the device.
  6. Click on Logged IP’s Tab, It will give all the information of the victim like IP address with the location of mobile number.
    IP Address location IPLogger
  7. Just click on the IP address to view the victim live location on the map and you can zoom in or out to know the exact location of the victim.
    IP Address location using mobile number on MAP using IPLogger

Using the above method you can track anyone but don’t forget that tracking someone without their concern is illegal.