How to Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook

Facebook video Autoplay

Facebook has more than a billion users and they are connected to each other as friends or family and they are sharing videos with each other. While checking your profile you might cross any shared video and it plays automatically.

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Facebook video autoplay can be frustrating to you. If you don’t like videos or want to waste mobile data. To increase numbers of the viewer for video publisher Facebook by default turn on video autoplay setting.

If you don’t like this video autoplay, you can disable this within a minute on app or site.

Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook

Desktop Users

  1. Log in your Facebook account and click on down arrow button at the righthand corner of the home screen. It will open a drop-down menu.
  2. Select Settings in the drop-down menu. It will open General Account Setting page.
  3. In General Account Setting page on the left menu click on Videos. It will open Video Settings
  4. Now in video settings change Auto Play Videos to Off.Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook

Mobile Users

  1. Open Facebook App and open settings.Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook
  2. Now open Account Settings.Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook
  3. Now tap on Videos and Photos and open Auto-play.Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook
  4. In Auto-Play select Never Auto-play Videos.Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook

That’s it. If you get any problem ask in comment section.