How to Use Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print

Print From Your Android or iOS Device

Google is trying to make put everything on Android device. For that Google is releasing new apps and features day by day. Today’s we are sharing Google Cloud Printing. It let you take print from your Android device with your printer that is either connected to your computer via USB or your wireless network.

Google developed a cloud printing app that let you print from your Android or iOS device online. Today’s new printers are coming with Google Cloud Print compatibility so that you can also take the advantage of new tech era. Google has also released a list of printers that support Google Cloud Print.

Part A. How to Add Google Cloud Print App to Your Android Device.

1. Go to Google Play Store and search for Cloud Print.

2. In Google Play Store search you will find Cloud Print by Google Inc. Tap on INSTALL.

<img class="size-medium wp-image-3070 alignright" src="" alt="Cloud Print by Google Inc" width="169" height="300" />

Part B. How to Add Your Local Printer to Google Cloud Print

In this link, you can read how you can connect your local printer to Google Cloud Print.

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Part C. How to Print of Web page on Your Android Device Using Google Cloud Print.

1. Tap on the Three Stacked Dots (Menu) in Chrome or user your preferred browser. It will open the all the menu options.

2. In the Menu option, you will find Share. Tap on Share. It will ask Share via and give the option to all the mode your device has for sharing.

Chrome Share Via Print

3. Tap on Print and it will take you to printing options page, here you can select a Printer and Paper size.

Google Cloud Print Select Printer

4. Once you are done with the all the settings, Tap on the Print icon to print the documents.