How to Use One WhatsApp Account on Two Devices

How to Use One WhatsApp Account on Two Devices

If you have two WhatsApp account, one for personal use and another for business then might be you are using two different devices to access both WhatsApp account. But sometimes it is really a big mess to handle two devices at the same time. So if you don’t want to carry two devices and want to operate both the WhatsApp account in one device then you are at right place.

In this guide, I will explain all the possible way to access both the WhatsApp account in a single device or you can say like that you can access single WhatsApp account on two different devices.

Method 1: Access One WhatsApp account on Two Device Using WhatsApp Web

Requirement: Two devices with installed WhatsApp app and two registered WhatsApp number.

  1. Your both the devices have WhatsApp app installed and registered with your mobile numbers. Now, Open mobile chrome in the First device; here we will use your second device WhatsApp account.

  2. In mobile chrome tap on three vertical dots i.e. menu; There you will find “Request Desktop Site”.WhatsApp Request Desktop Site

  3. Tap on Request Desktop Site. {we need to do this because when we try to open, It will redirect us on}

  4. Now type the in the address bar and tap Go. It will open the WhatsApp web page. This page has the QR code and we are going to use it.QR code WhatsApp Web Scan to access WhatsApp

5.  In the second device, Open WhatsApp settings. There you will find WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
6. Tap on WhatsApp Web/ Desktop and it will ask to scan QR code.
7. Scan QR code available in Chrome of device 1 from device 2. It will load the WhatsApp of device 2 into Chrome of device 1.Access WhatsApp remotely

That’s it. Now you don’t need to carry two devices to access two different WhatsApp accounts and you can access one WhatsApp account on two devices.Access one WhatsApp account on Two devices using Web WhatsApp

Note: You can access WhatsApp account of device 2 in device 1 till your device 2 is connected with internet.  Here you saw how you can access your device 2 WhatsApp account device 1 also.Using WhatsApp account remotely

Method 2: Register One Number on Two WhatsApp Devices Using MAC Spoofing.

This method needs a little technical knowledge.  Like: What is MAC address or How to Spoof Mac Address and How to Root device. If you don’t know; Don’t worry I will help you out.

Requirement: One Rooted device.

First of all, note that every device has a unique MAC address and secondly spoofing means we will try to fool WhatsApp by making MAC address same of both the device. So let’s get started.

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from both the devices.
  2. Get the MAC address of your both the devices:
    • Go to Android device Settings, Tap on About Phone.
    • Tap on Status in Phone Status. It will show all the details of the device.
    • In Status look for Wi-Fi MAC address and note down this MAC address.(It look like xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx)
    • If you ever need to revert the MAC address you use the noted MAC address of the device. So forget to note down MAC address of both the device. It is very important.
  3. Now in rooted device install Change My MAC – Spoof Wifi MAC from Google play store to change its mac address.
  4. Once MAC changing app installed;  Open it and enter the MAC address of another device i.e. non-rooted device. Now your both device have the same MAC address.
  5. Now install WhatsApp on both the devices and register them with the same mobile number.

That’s it you are done. Now you have one WhatsApp account on two devices.

Using both the way you can access your one WhatsApp account on two different devices with all the features of Whatsapp. Have any query? Ask in comments and don’t forget to share it with your friends.