How to Manage your Chrome saved passwords on Android

Google Chrome view saved passwords

Google Chrome is one of the best Android browsers which has many great features but still, some features are missing because of Android operating system and mobile hardware restrictions. One of feature which is still not available is view saved password on Chrome.

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View Saved Password in Chrome on Android Device

As this feature is not available in Google Chrome Android so to use this awesome feature we will use Android Chrome beta version which has much more feature than normal Chrome.

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1. Go to play store and install Chrome Beta. on your Android device.

2. Once the Chrome Beta installed. Open Chrome browser and tap on  Menu button.

3. Now tap on Settings. There you will see Save passwords option.

4. Tap on Save passwords. There you will see all the saved accounts & passwords in your Android browser.

5. Now tap on account of which you want to view the saved password. It will open Saved password details site, Username & Password but the password is hidden right now.

6. If you want to view the saved password, tap on the eye button and but chrome will ask for authentication like a pattern or fingerprint scan.

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome on Android Device

If you want to copy the password tap on copy button and you can use this copied password at anywhere.