How to View and Delete Stored Passwords in Firefox

View Saved Passwords in Firefox

Now, these days most of the browsers come with Password Manager. They saved your Login usernames and password for the particular websites and fills the space whenever you tried to log in. Sometimes it results that when you tried to log in to a new device, you are not able to remember the password so if you forgot your Facebook Password or your one of the most frequently used site. You can view your Saved Passwords in Firefox.

View Saved Passwords in Firefox

1. Open Firefox, click on Menu  and select Options or click on about:preferences

It will open all the preferences option for the Firefox browser. Here you can do a lot with your browser.

2. Click on   Privacy and Security.

It will open the Browser Privacy page, here you can manage all the settings related to privacy and password.

3. Click on Saved Logins. It will open a popup which shows all the websites which username and password are saved in Firefox but by default, it doesn’t show password.

How to View Saved Passwords in Firefox

4. Now Click on Show Passwords to view the saved passwords in Firefox. It will ask for confirmation, Click on Yes and it will show all the passwords saved.

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