What are and how to open .webp files

Even though internet connection speeds have increased considerably in recent years, the loading speed of web pages has also been decreasing, but not because of the speed of our connection, but because of the implementation of more appropriate compression formats.

To appear correctly on Google, the search engine requires us to fulfill a series of requirements, being that of the loading speed one of the most important. The webp format was born as a result of that need to reduce loading speed to the maximum of the web pages.

What are and how to open .webp files

This image format is compatible with all browsers on the market. However, it is not with Windows, at least natively, so if we want to view images in that format, we must install the necessary libraries to be able to view the content on our team.

This set of libraries is more or less the same as it was a few years ago when in order to play files in .avi or .mp4, we had to install a series of codecs. With the WebP format, the same thing happens, once we install the necessary libraries, we will be able to open these files with any native Windows application.

The application that will allow us to install the necessary libraries to open files in WebP format is called WebP Codec, an application that we can download directly from this link. This application is downloaded directly from Google, who has created a file that includes the necessary libraries to be able to open files in this format in Windows.

Once we have downloaded it, we just have to double click on the installer, give Windows permission to install the application, and select basic installation, called Tipica. With this type of installation, which is the one that will occupy the least space on our hard disk, we will be able to open this type of file without problems.