How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without The Sender Finding It Out?

WhatsApp Recently introduced blue check mark next to your messages. When you send a message Check Mark is not blue and as the reader read it. this Check Mark goes blue.

If it is not blue then it may possible that the receiver has not opened the chat and read the message or Your recipient may have disabled Read Receipts feature that shows your messages have been read by the receiver.

You can also download video and gif status of your friends or family and use them for as your own WhatsApp status.

Let’s see how can we read WhatsApp messages without caught?

Method 1. Using Flight Mode

Step 1. Go to device Settings and turn on Flight Mode on your device.

Step 2. Now open your WhatsApp and read the Chat you want to read without getting caught.

Step 3. Now again open device setting and turn off Flight Mode.

That’s it. Your messages sender won’t see no, a blue checkmark next to the message. The sender will not know whether you have read the message or not.

Method 2. Using WhatsApp Cache.

Step 1. Open the device Settings and Turn off the WiFi or Mobile Data Connection you are using.

Step 2. Now Open the WhatsApp and read the message.

Step 3. When you read the message, Close the WhatsApp and Turn On Mobile data or WiFi you are using.

Let is what is happening under the hood. When you are connected to the net, WhatsApp downloads the messages in app cache. It is important to notice that you are reading the chat message while you are offline. Your sender won’t get the blue ticks next to the chat message.