How to Use WhatsApp Delete Messages For Everyone

whatsapp delete message for everyone

WhatsApp just rolled out new feature delete WhatsApp message for everyone which allows you to delete specific messages you have sent by mistake or you want to delete later to your friend or family member or a group. The only condition is you can delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending.

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How to Use WhatsApp Delete Messages For Everyone

1. Open the messages on WhatsApp, you just have sent and now you want to delete.
How to Use WhatsApp Delete Messages For Everyone2. Now tap and hold the message till option for delete appears.

3. Tap Delete. It will show you two option Delete for Everyone and Delete for Me.

4. Tap Delete for Everyone. once the messages will be deleted from everyone successfully, it will appear as  You deleted this message in chat.

That’s it. one more condition for this feature is it required latest WhatsApp app at both the end sender and receiver of a message to delete the message for everyone.

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