How to Create a WhatsApp Group Link

How to Make Open Invitation for a WhatsApp Group
WhatsApp is now an inseparable part of our mobile devices and Group Chat has brought friend & family more close.
Group Chat is a good way to share information with all of the members. But sometimes it happens that you don’t have a number of people whom your friend want to be in a group and if you are lazy to add someone to the group. You can use the Invite to Group via Link feature of WhatsApp.
Using this feature, you do not need to save contact of new persons in your mobile and then add to the group. You can just share your WhatsApp group link to anyone and he or she can join the group just by follow that group link.

Let’s Generate WhatsApp Group Invite Link

First and foremost important thing is that you should be the group admin of a group to generate WhatsApp group Invite link.
Step 1. Open your WhatsApp
Step 2. Open the Group whose invite link you want to generate.
Step 3. Tap on the name of Group. It will open details of Group. Scroll down and you will find Invite to Group via Link.
invite to group via link
Step 4. Tap on Invite to Group via Link. It will open Invite to Group via Link window which has all the group share option.
invite to group via link
Step 5. Here you can select either Share Link or Copy Link or QR Code.
Step 6. Tap on Share Link. It will open all the way you can share your group link like the message, mail, etc. You can select any one as you want.
That’s it now onwards you don’t need to save contact of a new person to add him or her to WhatsApp group. Just share your group invite link and if they are interested they can directly join the group.