How to Remove Unnecessary Media files from WhatsApps Automatically?

Remove Unnecessary Media files from WhatsApps Automatically

WhatsApp is a great messaging application. It is great because it is a freeware, work on all devices, auto download media file over wifi and best part is end-to-end encryption, which makes safe & secure.

Now a day, most of us are using WhatsApp to sending images and videos for greeting “Good Morning to Good Night” and duplicate media files and due to auto download media option, they are automatically downloaded and stored in device memory and eat up large space. At the same time, they also decrease the performance of the device.

The biggest problem is sometimes when we are looking for an important image. We are not able to find it due to these useless and unnecessary media files.

Officially WhatsApp has not provided any solution for useless or unnecessary media files getting stored in devices. To remove & get rid of all these unnecessary media files, we need to use the third party app to clean this mess.

In Android app market a wide range of apps is available to clean your WhatsApp. Here is the list of these Apps you can try to clean your WhatsApp.

1. Siftr Magic cleaner

2. Media Cleaner for WhatsApp

3. Cleaner Manager for WhatApp

4. WCleaner for WhatsApp

5. Cleaner for WhatsApp

You can use any one of them to save your device memory and clean useless media files from WhatsApp.

How these Apps are working?

Like Google Cloud Vision API, They have developed an API, Which understands the content of an image using HASH of image generated by Apps and categorized images into categories. These API work on the server of Applications which need to upload your image to their servers and consume lots of your mobile data.