What is Windows 10 Concentration Assistant and how it works

It is increasingly common to see how users link their smartphones with their equipment in order to manage the notifications they receive on their smartphone from the computer. To these notifications, we have to add the ones that our team sends us when we receive an email, we have an appointment on the agenda …

Sometimes the number of notifications can be so high that we are forced to temporarily disable them. The problem is found when we forget to activate them again. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of this situation and allows us to establish a schedule where we want the notifications to sound and not to sound.

I’m talking about the Windows concentration assistant. The Windows 10 concentration wizard, we enter it into the configuration options, System> Concentration wizard, it offers us three configuration options:

  • disabled. Show all notifications from both apps and contacts.
  • Priority only. It only shows the notifications of the applications that we have previously added within the option Personalize the priority list.
  • Alarms only. Only the alarms that we have set in the system will be shown. All other notifications will be displayed activity center without notification.

Together with the concentration assistant, we can establish the schedule or conditions when we want the three configuration options it offers to apply:

During these hours. We can establish a schedule in which we want only the alarms of the team to be displayed or only the applications that we have previously established, this function is ideal for configuring the operation of the notifications of our team to the maximum since it allows us to focus on a few schedules specific to get the daily work done.

When I mirror my screen, this option makes perfect sense since when as a general rule, we duplicate the screen, it is to work in a much more comfortable and comprehensive way. We do not want to be distracted by trifles such as unimportant notifications.

When I play, we also have the possibility of establishing what type of notifications we want to receive when we have activated the game mode.