How to Connect Bluetooth device in Windows 10

In recent years, Bluetooth technology has evolved, as is logical, and currently not only has the range ratio of connected devices been expanded but also the energy consumption of this technology has been reduced to a minimum, so disconnecting this connection when we do not use it on our PC or smartphone will not increase the battery life.

In versions prior to Windows 10, being able to connect to Bluetooth devices was an odyssey of incompatibilities and problems that in most cases forced us to throw in the towel and stop trying to make the connection. Fortunately, With the arrival of Windows 10, this has changed for the better.

If we want to connect a Bluetooth device to our equipment, which obviously must also have this type of connection, either natively in the hardware or through a USB port that offers us this functionality, it is a very simple process and also, does not require us to go into Windows 10 settings in any moment.

Connect a Bluetooth device to Windows 10

We must first activate device connection that we want to connect and check, if it is a mobile device, that is visible to all the computers that surround it, otherwise, our Windows 10 computer will not be able to detect and connect to it.

If it is a mouse or keyboard, these devices cannot hide their connection, so they are always visible in order to connect to our Windows 10 computer. Once turned on, we must press for more than a second on the only one button you should have at the bottom, the button that will launch the signal that our team will recognize.

Next, we go to the Activity Center and click on Bluetooth, an icon that will be available as long as our team has such a connection. By clicking on it at the top of the Activity Center, all visible computers will be shown and that at that moment they can connect with our team.

To connect our equipment, we just have to press on the device and confirm the connection through the Connect button which will appear next to the device name. Once we have paired both devices, every time we have to connect with them, we just have to turn on the device, and wait a few seconds for the connection to be made.