How to Fix Application Unable Start or Install Correctly(0xc0000022)?

Somethings it happens in Windows 10 that you want to install a software and windows shows an error message “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application.”
application unable start correctly(0xc0000022)
This error is triggered either by windows or specific application due to the following reasons:
  1. Your file is damaged or corrupted;
  2. File have access rights problem;
  3. Security Software (like Quickheal in our case) interference problem;
Let’s fix this error.

1. Scan file using sfc utility to check damage or corrupt file in CMD

Step 1. Click on the windows icon or press the windows button on the keyboard.
Step 2. Type cmd; it will appear as Command Prompt result in the start menu.
Step 3. Now Right click on Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator. It will open a cmd.exe window
Step 4. In cmd.exe windows type “sfc  /scannow” and hit Enter.
It will show the result either file is corrupted or not.

2. Check and resolve file permission problem

Step 1. Select the file which showing the error message.
Step 2. Right click on the application and select Properties. It will show you the all the detailed property of that application.
Step 3. Click on Security tab. It will show you all the Group or user name who has access permission for that file.
Step 4. Now select your account from Group or user names and click on Edit. It will open a new window where you can change permission for the application.
Step 5. Here change Permission for the user to Allow Full Control.
Step 6. Now click on Apply or OK.

3. Firewall Security or Antivirus issue

Step 1. Here you need to disable your antivirus software and firewall of windows.
Step 2. Run Application again to check either antivirus software or firewall of windows cause of error message.
That’s it; your windows problem is solve now you can install or start your application.